It all started in 1873 in Richmond, Ontario with two aspiring plumbers, Thomas Allin Stevens and his partner William Turner, opening their own plumbing company.  With smart partnerships and strategic diversification of business segments, Empire Manufacturing Company Ltd was incorporated in 1906.  In fact, the same land bought that year on Governor's Road in London, Ontario is the same land in which our National Support Centre is located on this very date.

When times have called for change, EMCO has found ways to adapt. Although we are still a strong market presence in the wholesale plumbing industry today, this does not mean that EMCO has not ventured off into different markets.  These markets have varied from steam engines to the manufacturing of munitions during both World Wars.  These adaptable characteristics have allowed us to grow from a plumbing company in Richmond to a network of over 200 profit centers worldwide.

Although times will continue to change there is one thing that will always remain consistent; we are devoted to providing our clients with a best-in-the-business customer service experience, while also offering top-of-the-line products sold at a competitive price.

 Emco London Building 1920s

Now that you know a bit of our history, come be a part of our future!

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