So, what does an EMCO Management Trainee look like? 

University Degree

✔ Entrepreneurial Spirit

✔ Leadership Potential

✔ Willingness to Relocate

✔ Dedication to Continuous Development

✔ Passion for Challenge

 Let's start with what we don't need…

Your university degree does not need to be related to management and you don't need industry experience or product knowledge.

What you do need...

  • A university degree
  • Demonstrated leadership in athletic, academic, professional or social activities
  • Willingness to relocate
  • Desire to run your own business
  • Passion for challenging and rewarding work
  • A diverse set of skills and a desire for continuous development
  • A killer slapshot!

 … OK we're joking about the last one.

 Seriously speaking, we are looking for hard-working individuals with the raw potential to develop into world-class leaders.  We seek quality over quantity for our Management Development Program.  If you have drive and imagination, if you set high expectations and have the determination to exceed them, it's time to start your future!

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