Management Trainees 

Nathan Armstrong-HVAC Edmonton

"This company has been around for over a hundred years and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of the next hundred!  I cannot emphasize enough that if you are driven, entrepreneurial in nature, have a desire to become a leader in a juggernaut of a company, and you want to work with the best, you should consider the EMCO Management Development Program."

Sarabjeet Chhatwalh- Waterworks Winnipeg

"The experience you gain working in a company from the bottom up has given me an opportunity to develop how I want to. This means I can take all the best practices I see from others and use this information to implement what others have done to be successful in the past as well as take on new opportunities from these experiences."


Greg Jones- Warehouse Manager 753

"I have had the pleasure of working with several Management Trainees during my time as Warehouse Manager at Emco Waterworks 753. Each time our team takes on a new MT, you can feel a new energy in the building, you can really see the enthusiasm they bring to the table. My favorite thing about working with these new MT's is their eagerness to learn new skills. Each day, you can see them using and building on these skills in an environment where the learning curve is very high! Most of these MT's don't have much previous industry experience prior to starting their program and this offers a great opportunity to work with a fresh mold to develop and grow throughout their time here. I aim to show them the true value of amazing customer service, and how every teammate can play a large role in developing strong relationships."  


Sean Park-PCM Calgary Waterworks:

If you are a recent university graduate and consider yourself a leader and an entrepreneur, then Emco is the perfect fit for you.  Hiring the right leaders and investing in their development is at the heart of Emco's culture and is the key to our success as an organization.  Through the MDP, Emco provides university graduates the tools and opportunities they'll need to hone their skills and develop into world class business leaders.My most enjoyable experience in the MDP was travelling and learning from great leaders across Canada. 

Emco is a progressive company and there's no other company in Canada like it.  Empowerment, autonomy, trust, respect, ownership, earning lots of money…all of the good stuff companies talk about; Emco is one of the few that lives it.I learned how to be a successful entrepreneur.  This includes learning how to build an effective team, how to grow a customer base, and how to distinguish myself from my competitors.

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