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Dustin Tamblyn-PCM Calgary HVAC:

Live into your dreams….This statement, a cornerstone of EMCO culture, was the opportunity that attracted me to EMCO as a University graduate. As a new graduate, I was searching for a job where I could put my business skills to use, but more importantly, a challenging career where I could make a difference and be rewarded for my hard work. Since joining the EMCO team and working my way through the Management Development Program, I have had that opportunity every day.

EMCO's Management Development Program is unique in its support and real world, hands-on experience that is provided to every future leader. I have always been encouraged to "think outside the box" and take risks, without the fear of failure. This support throughout the program has been a key component in developing me in to the Profit Centre Manager and leader that I am today.

Why EMCO? I control my destiny. I am empowered every day to make decisions to drive my business to success for my team and myself. If that isn't a dream career, I don't know what is

Shoumen Rashid-PCM Grand Prairie Westlund:

The reason I picked the MDP is because I knew right from the start that I wanted to be two things, one, to be a leader in my career, and two, to be financially successful.  When I saw the MDP at a career fair, it met those two things, and I loved how EMCO didn't look at the type of degree you had.  They looked at the person and their aptitude and attitude.

The most enjoyable experience in the MDP was the outside sales phase.  Starting from the warehouse phase and then into inside sales, you really complete the circle, when you are in the outside sales phase.  I also love the chase and the hunt of the sale.  It is truly exhilarating.  I would say the outside sales phase is why sales is always my number one priority in my business.  It drives the business, and the outside sales phase in the MDP shows you that.

I have friends who work for other larger corporations, and I hear the same thing over and over again, "I feel like I am just a number."  This is the complete opposite of our EMCO Culture.  In regards to the MDP, how amazing is it, where you develop yourself for a few years and you become a leader and financially successful as a PCM.  It is truly amazing.

The skills that I was able to gain in the MDP Program were Sales and People.  I had no sales experience before EMCO and now I feel extremely confident in any aspect of sales.  In the MDP I was relocated several times around the country and to work with different people and different cultures, those things also affect how people do business, and that is a skill I highly value!

Derrek Wenisch-PCM Regina Westlund:

The MDP is an amazing opportunity for any graduates that want to put their education to the test in practical, real world applications.Having the freedom to do large scale, national projects aimed at adding value to the entire organization and our customers.Emco stands out amongst other employers. They work hard at selecting the best and I feel proud to be part of the team.

The most enjoyable experience in the MDP was the people I got to meet. Over the course of the program you meet 1000s of people. Knowing how to deal with each is critical to running any business and achieving world class results.

The MT program has been paramount to taking my education, practical experience and applying it to a rewarding career. It is challenging, exciting and full of surprises, all things that appealed to me when looking at professional opportunities. As a manager and a leader now, I look forward to producing world class results for the Emco/Westlund organization, our Regina team and myself.

Joey Baranyay-PCM Lethbridge Plumbing:

A lot of university students think that the program is a co-op program and that it is unpaid.  The MDP program is attractive because it pays very competitively straight out of university as well it almost guarantees you a PCM position at the end of the program.  Co-op programs normally don't pay…they are internships and there is no guarantee of employment after your graduate from a co-op program.  The MDP program also caters to a wide range of skills, we hire from various disciplines, and you don't need to have a business degree to run a profit center.

EMCO takes care of their people, in Rick's L(PXC)=R, people are a major part of the equation.  The fact that a company mandates a training goal of 40 hours per year per employee I think speaks great volumes of the dedication it commits to people development. 

Throughout the MDP I gained the ability to manage a team.  I spent my training in two different profit centers (Lethbridge and Medicine Hat) but I also attended two other profit centers for one week stints to observe their operations and how they manage their team.  EMCO is a very diverse place to work, so being able to see the different teams and how the PCM managed them gave me a lot of tools to bring back to my Profit Center.

Sean Park-PCM Calgary Waterworks:

If you are a recent university graduate and consider yourself a leader and an entrepreneur, then Emco is the perfect fit for you.  Hiring the right leaders and investing in their development is at the heart of Emco's culture and is the key to our success as an organization.  Through the MDP, Emco provides university graduates the tools and opportunities they'll need to hone their skills and develop into world class business leaders.My most enjoyable experience in the MDP was travelling and learning from great leaders across Canada. 

Emco is a progressive company and there's no other company in Canada like it.  Empowerment, autonomy, trust, respect, ownership, earning lots of money…all of the good stuff companies talk about; Emco is one of the few that lives it.I learned how to be a successful entrepreneur.  This includes learning how to build an effective team, how to grow a customer base, and how to distinguish myself from my competitors.

Joanna Woo - PCS McKeough Supply

Emco's Management Development Program is a very unique opportunity for both professional and personal development, intended for ambitious graduates. The program is designed to develop all of the essential skills required to become a successful PCM, from being an effective leader, to business principles, to technical knowledge on products we offer. Emco will invest in your development unlike any other company. The motto on training is "be selfish of your own development", and it's true! Emco will invest in you and your training if you take charge of your own development.

This experience can be both exciting and challenging at the same time. Aside from developing the essentials in each phase (warehouse, counter/operations, inside and outside sales), you'll be given opportunities to work on challenging projects. You'll be put out of your comfort zone, and that's how you grow. As Tom Newell, our Vice President of Ontario Plumbing and Heating likes to say, "we live on the ragged edge of uncomfortableness every day, sharpening the knives in our tool chest, making us stronger!" Who else can say that in their first four years with a company (outside of Emco that is), that they have been the lead trainer for a systems conversion, participated in writing articles for a national magazine, developed new technologies, and spearheaded promotions? The diversity of potential experiences, along with the freedom and autonomy, is what still keeps me motivated to further pursue my career with Emco.

Having graduated from Mechanical Engineering, I had little relevant experience relating to business practices and operations. Working alongside remarkable leaders over the past few years has allowed me to observe and develop great habits from them. Emco has truly helped me grow into the leader that I am today. I look forward to my journey with Emco, as I continue on to develop into a world class leader. 


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