Cindy Nnaji
Business and Management Degree, entrepreneurial spirit, success driven, progressive team development, and passion to succeed as a world class leader.
Ask me what it takes...
Sam Lee
Always learning, finding ways to add value for my teammates, suppliers, and customer partners, taking ownership and playing to win
Ask me what it takes...

From Graduate to Leader

At Emco, it’s not about your degree but rather your enthusiasm and eagerness to put your hand up and get involved. Do you have an enthusiastic and entrepreneurial attitude? If you answered yes, then EMCO’s Management Development Program is the perfect fit for you. This 3 1/2 year program will mold you into one of the leaders of tomorrow for our prestigious company. Bring your passion and we’ll bring out the leader in you.

Emco Management Development Program - Sam Lee

Management Development Program - David Needham

Emco Management Development Program - Jacob Calzonetti

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